Best Carpet Cleaners 2017 : Ultimate Buying Guide

Who doesn’t wish for a clean healthy environment both in and out of our houses! Well, the outside environment in not completely in our hands but how we choose to live in the inside in completely in our hands. Here we are going to help you out with some of the best carpet cleaners of 2017 for the cleaning purpose of your house so that you don’t have to worry much about your carpets and the tough stains on it. We will be covering all the aspects that you need to know so that you get the best buy for the money that you wish to spend on carpet cleaners.

Many factors play role in buying a carpet cleaner. If you are a pet lover or have small kids in your house then there are chances that you carpet may get tough stains. Then you need a carpet cleaner that can work better on tough stains. In case you if you have a big house then you need a carpet cleaner that needs less refilling, it should be light weighted so that you can carry it up and down the stairs. Similarly other features also play their part in buying a good carpet cleaner that we be covering in this article.

We all know that first impression is the last impression. Therefore, we will tell you about the best pick that you can have for your house so that it is always clean and shining. And anyone coming to your house will get a good impression of you and your house. Moreover, a perfect carpet cleaner with best cleaning will not only make your house clean but will also ensure your healthy status. Ultimately leading to a fresh, clean and energised environment of your home with no odour.

Best Carpet Cleaner Reviews

1. BISSELL Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine Professional Grade, 86T3

The big green cleaning machine is manufactured by Bissell. It is an effective carpet cleaner which cleans in both the forward and backward pass providing a better deep cleaning and that too in less time compared to other rental carpet cleaners.

best carpet cleaner

It is provided with the rotating dirt lifter power brushes which is the reason for the deep-down dirt cleaning that it gives. It contains large clean and dirt water tanks. These tanks are easily separable water tanks so that they can be refilled easily. Since, the tanks are very large there is hardly any need for refilling the tanks constantly. Thus, leading to reduction in cleaning time.

Well equipped with tools for cleaning tough spots and stains, includes a 24-oz. BISSELL 2X Professional Deep Cleaning Formula. The 25 foot cord helps in reaching all the areas of the room easily. The tools that are provided are also for cleaning stairs giving a better cleaning experience. The big green machine is also provides you with a flow indicator so that you can constantly keep an eye on the water and solution levels and also indicates when it is time to check and refill the tank.

Advantages of Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine:

  • · It cleans in both forward and backward pass leading to reduction in cleaning time.
  • · Provides a professional grade carpet cleaning.
  • · Contains Rotating Dirt Lifter Power Brushes helpful in removing stains.
  • · Removable water tanks for easy refilling.
  • · Flow indicator for keeping an eye on the water and solution levels.
  • · Cleans deep, better and dries faster.
  • · Includes stain tools for hard to reach areas such as the stairs.
  • · Comes with five year warranty

Drawbacks of the Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine:

  • · It is very large.
  • · It is very heavy to move.

2. Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer, FH50150

The Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer, FH50150 is among the best sellers in the world of carpet cleaning. It not only provides a good cleaning but is also very light weighted and the price is also very low compared to other products in the market. Since it is light weighted which is around 19 pounds, it is easier to carry it up and down the stairs with the 4 easy to access handles to clean each and every place of your house.

best carpet cleaner

It comes with an exclusive SpinScrub Technology which provides a 360 degree cleaning as it loosens dirt and cleans all sides of a carpet. It has a dual tank system for the ease of cleaning as it allows to wash the carpet with soap and water in one tank and the rinse the carpet with the other tank with water only to remove the soap.

The automatic detergent cleaning system helps in providing the correct mix of detergent and water for the best cleaning result. It also has a DualV nozzle which is designed for tough stains so that there is an adequate amount of suction. Along with all these it is provides with some tools like Stair Tool, Crevice Tool, Upholstery Tool, 16 oz. Solution and Mesh Storage Bag.

Advantages of Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer, FH50150:

  • · SpinScrub technology for 360 degree cleaning.
  • · Dual Water Tank System for better cleaning experience.
  • · Automatic Detergent Mixing System for the balanced mixing of detergent and water.
  • · Very light weight (19 pounds).
  • · 4 easy to access handles for easy transport.
  • · DualV nozzle for cleaning tough stains.
  • · Provides with a SpinScrub Powered Hand tool, Crevice Tool, Upholstery Tool, 16 oz. Solution and Mesh Storage Bag.

Disadvantages of Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer, FH50150:

  • · The size of the tank is small.
  • · A lot of refilling needs to done for cleaning is you have a big house.

3. BISSELL SpotClean Professional Portable, 3624

Bissell SpotClean Professional Portable, 3624 is among the most powerful carpet cleaner that produced by Bissell. It is light weighted and is only 13 pounds in weight. It is also compact so easy to carry up and down the stairs for cleaning purpose of the complete house. It also has a high suction power because of the 5.7 ampere motor which produces a great amount of power.

best carpet cleaner

The professional SpotCleaner removes tough spots and stains from carpet, stairs, upholstery etc. It is provided with a tank size of 3/4 – gallon thus leading to a less number of refilling required for cleaning the house. It has a dual tank system, one for collecting the dirty water while the other is for clean water that is for rinsing the carpet.

It includes a 3″ tough stain brush for removing stains from cushions, rugs and vehicle upholstery while the 6″ stair tool is for much wider areas or stairs. The 22 ft. long power chord allows the user to clean a good amount of area in the room. The 5 flex hose helps to clean spots and stains from the areas that are hard to reach. Moreover, it contains carrying handles so transporting becomes easier. It comes with a limited warranty of 2 years.

Advantages of Bissell SpotClean Professional Portable, 3624:

  • · It is light weighted i.e., 13 pounds only.
  • · It has a 22 ft. power chord for covering a good amount of area.
  • · 5 flex hose for deep cleaning in hard to reach areas.
  • · 6″ stair tool for cleaning wider areas such as stairs.
  • · 3″ tough stain brush for removing stains from cushions, rugs etc.
  • · 5.7 ampere motor for generating high suction power.
  • · Contains carry handles.

Disadvantages of Bissell SpotClean Professional Portable, 3624:

  • · It is quite noisy.
  • · The warranty can be expanded.
  • · Some customers say that it should contain wheels as it will make the transport easier.

4. Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Pet Pack

Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Pet Pack is the love of pet owners as it has the ability of deeply cleaning large areas and pet features. It uses a triple action vibrating brush having 75% more bristles compared to any other cleaner for deeply cleaning the carpet fibre and also cleaning the tough stains that are hard to remove.

best carpet cleaner

Has a dual tank system of 3.9 gallons for storing clean and dirty water separately, due to the larger capacity of tank less number of refilling is required while cleaning the house. It has a 28 ft. power chord covering a good range of distance from the socket. Having adjustable handles that ranges from 32.5” – 36.5”. It comes with a pack of a stair and upholstery tool with the 12' hose handheld attachment for cleaning cars, stairs and upholstery.

It also includes a bottle of Pet Formula carpet cleaner (40 – oz.) and also a urine eliminator trigger spray for the pet urine. The Pro X3 penetrates deep into the carpet so that the cleaning solution and water can reach the fibres of the carpet for deep cleaning. After that a powerful suction helps in drying the carpet quickly. Thus, leading to a less waiting time for carpet to dry.

Advantages of Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Pet Pack:

  • · Dual tank system one for storing clean water while other for storing dirty water.
  • · Higher tank storage capacity that is 3.9 gallons.
  • · 28 ft. power chord.
  • · Includes a Pet Formula carpet cleaner (40-oz.)
  • · Urine eliminator spray for pet urine.
  • · Handheld tools for upholstery, car, stairs etc.
  • · Triple action vibrating brush for deep cleaning.
  • · 5 years warranty.

Disadvantages of Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Pet Pack:

  • · Heavy in weight that is 39 lbs so difficult to move around that is up and down the stairs.
  • · Cleans only in one direction.

5. BISSELL DeepClean Deluxe Pet, 36Z9

The DeepClean Deluxe Pet, 36Z9 is amongst the powerful carpet cleaners for pet developed by Bissell. In design, it consist of 12 rows of dual rotating PowerBrushes and it is these brushes that result in a deep dirt cleaning from the carpet. These brushes also give their best on tough stains by removing them and giving a better cleaning experience. It comes with a HeatWave technology which is very effective for tough and hard to remove stains as warm water works better for stains. This technology helps in maintaining the clean water and water solution at a constant temperature.

best carpet cleaner

It also has the Bissell’s patented EdgeSweep which helps in cleaning the baseboards which saves your time and effort of cleaning the edges of carpets by hand. Along with the EdgeSweep it also has Surround Suction feature which helps in drying the carpet faster and thus time saving. It has a built in spray nozzle that allows you to spray concentrated solution on tough stains.

It contains a dual water tank system, one for storing clean water while other for the dirty water. It is light weighted around 25 pounds and also has a power chord of 22 ft. covering a good amount of distance.

Advantages of Bissell DeepClean Deluxe Pet, 36Z9:

  • · 12 rows of dual rotating PowerBrushes for deep carpet cleaning.
  • · HeatWave technology for maintaining the temperature of water.
  • · CleanShot technology for spraying concentrated solution on tough stains.
  • · EdgeSweep technology for cleaning baseboards.
  • · Surround Suction feature for quickly drying the carpet.
  • · Pet hair basket for trapping and throwing pet hair and debris.
  • · Includes trial size of 2X pet stain and odour formula.

Disadvantages of Bissell DeepClean Deluxe Pet, 36Z9:

  • · Need to clean the floor first before using the carpet cleaner, if there is heavy fur then the cleaner will clog.

Things to Know Before Buying a Carpet Cleaner

Carpet always adds that extra beauty to the interior decoration. The carpet deals with a lot of dirt and allergens as it lies in the floor and is open to most dust particles. Hence, it requires a good cleaning as well. A good cleaning comes with a good quality cleaner. A quality cleaner comes with good technique and refreshes your carpet nicely giving it a new life every time you wash it.

There are tons of models of carpet cleaner out there in the market and it requires a good investment. Since carpet cleaner will be of good investment, it is better to do a little research before buying a carpet cleaner. This content will guide you for choosing the best carpet cleaner for you carpet and the one that proves to be suitable for you.

Guide before Buying a Carpet Cleaner:

· Types of Cleaning Machines

For cleaning your carpet the type of the carpet cleaning machine that you are buying is significant. A misused machine for carpet cleaning can even worsen the situation. Carpet cleaners that dry aren’t good at all for carpets that are badly soiled. On the other hand, steam cleaners require equipments with high pressure and skilful touch to prevent any damage or odours due to associating in contact with moisture. Here are some of the cleaning methods discussed.

I. Self-contained carpet cleaning extractor: This machine functions similar to the extractor machine for carpet cleaning, but it has inclusion of brush in it for cleaning and scrubbing the carpet for sucking the detergent and cleaning it down. This type works well for large areas and industrial use.

II. Bonnet Cleaning: This carpet cleaner is a dry machine for cleaning carpet in which a bonnet or a circular pad is placed on a normal floor buffer. It uses friction technology to pull out dirt from the carpet’s fibres and keeps it dry. Though this is not a deep cleaning method and works for small areas on carpets with minimal use.

III. Carpet Extractor machine: This cleaners are sometimes called “steam cleaners”. This type of carpet extractor machines first pumps detergent solution into the carpet and then pumps it out of the carpet by high vacuum power. Some of such models also features heaters in it, since heat breaks the oil dirt and does a better job in cleaning dirt that are oil-based. This type of cleaners gives a deeper cleaning only thing is it leaves the carpet wet.

IV. Restoration of Extraction: This type of carpet cleaners works just as the extractors added it does a rinsing aid as well. This technique flushes out dirt and chemicals more thoroughly.

Most carpet cleaners are of the first and third type, but one of the important considerations is the power. Most of the carpet cleaners that are sold are portable types for home use and the big ones that consume powers from generators are used for industrial and official purpose.

How much you should spend on a carpet cleaner: Most of the carpet cleaners cost within a range of $96 to $450. But investing on a good cleaner is a worthy investment since you can rely on the cleaning technique and the company model. Starting from the middle range amount and above are the best ones to go for buying. The cheaper doesn’t do a satisfactory job in cleaning and often fail to serve well. So go for the ones that are of good quality and can be trusted. Don’t be stingy while buying a good carpet cleaner.

· Features of the carpet cleaner: Before buying a carpet cleaner you must first consider its features. Some of the most helpful features that you should find in a carpet cleaner are-

 Handheld Brush stick: This is useful for cleaning upholstery, stairs and other carpeted areas.

Automatic mix: There are some cleaners that mix water and detergent automatically saving you time.

Dry vacuuming system: Multi-function features are cool that sucks out debris before cleaning leaving it more clean.

Crevice tool for intensive cleaning: This feature works well for areas that are narrow and hard to reach.

Spray system: Detergent spray system is good for cleaning stubborn stains on the carpet before washing off.

Turbo tool system: These types of tools are useful for places that can’t be reached with the main floor head of the machine.

Heater water tank: This is effective for cleaning because it keeps the water in the warm that helps remove germs easily.

· Size of the Carpet cleaner: When you are buying a carpet cleaner you must also look for the size of the machine. First find out what kind of carpets you have; thick or thin, small or big, heavy designs or plain carpet, and then buy accordingly. If you have large carpets extended over a greater surface then go for the big cleaners with large tanks and wide cleaning. They are of quite gigantic size. If you have small carpets and rugs then go for cleaners that are light weight and don’t include too many features. If you live in small rental apartments then extra small portable sized cleaners are ideal for you. But above all the best carpet cleaner will clean all the dirt and grimes from your floor irrespective of shape and size.

· Easy Storage: Buy a carpet cleaner that is easy to store where you are living. If you have big rooms and big carpets then you might want to buy big machines, but before that make sure you have adequate space in your house to store that gigantic cleaner. The best cleaner for your carpet will be that is portable as well as serve all your cleaning purposes well. So, keep all this things in mind. Storing your carpet cleaner well will extend the longevity of the machine.

These are all you should be focusing on a carpet cleaner before buying one. Apart from all the above specifications do buy a carpet cleaner that has powerful suction capacity and provides extra attachment of tools, incase few gets damaged or lost. The backup tools will always help.

What to look for in a carpet cleaner?

Carpet is one of the most familiar accessories in decorating and it enhances the whole decorating look of the interior. But since it is placed in the floor it has a high tendency of getting dirty and caches pollutant particles easily. Most of you know about vacuuming a carpet and might vacuum them as well and think that way it gets carpet. But do you know carpets need a frequent wash as well?​

No matter how much expensive your carpet is and how much money you have spent for extra comfort and a good quality carpet, they all have fibres in it and hidden unwanted dirt and bugs. This might be much unhealthy for your surroundings. So, think about it when you are walking across a carpet either wearing slippers/shoes, or bare footed you are only grinding surface dirt more deep into the pile. You may say that you vacuum your carpets but it works only if you are vacuuming regularly and only loose dirt gets cleaned. Deeply penetrated dirt into the fibres doesn’t go just by vacuuming and you need to wash them.​

So, now you know that carpets need to be cleaned and not just vacuuming. There are many carpet cleaners out there, so you need to know what works best for cleaning a carpet.​

Things to Look for in a Carpet Cleaner:

· Powerful Cleaners: The more power a cleaner possess the deeper the cleaning is. The powerful motors in the cleaner clean the embedded dirt. The largest manufacturers of carpet cleaning machines say you must use their top rated machines foe cleaning to avoid any accident. Thankfully there are other manufacturers out there those are applying the same technique for a good cleaning.

· Steam Carpet Cleaner: The power of the steam is important to check in a cleaner as a very high power hot steam will kill all that good amount of stubborn bacteria. It almost states that nearly about 100% allergy prone bugs get killed due to power steam, which is indeed a good thing. Another reason to go for a steam carpet cleaner is that it will help in reducing the time that it takes to dry after washing it. It is often seen that after washing carpet it takes a lot of time to dry cause of its thickness. This often leads to mildew and mould. So a steam helps prevent such occurrence of fungus that may cause allergy or respiratory problems to the ones living there.

· Choosing Method: If your carpet lies on the main are of your entrance or your living room surely it is widely affected by dirt and germs. Embedded dirt needs a deeper cleaning. So, in that case check the warranty of your carpet, or check the website of the manufacturer on how it should be cleaned. Otherwise you could damage the carpet’s material or void the warranty of your carpet. Thus choose a cleaner accordingly so that it doesn’t affect the carpet keeping it nice and good.

· Look for its Features: While looking for a carpet cleaner, focusing on its features is one important fact. The tank sections that is separate for cleaning purpose and hot water makes refilling more quick since you generally need to refill water quite often. Small tank mans often refilling. Also look for the type of cleaners that have different attachments if you need to clean both upstairs and downstairs. It makes it easier to carry up and down.

· Chemical Type: It is true that chemicals do spread fume in the air and it is often allergic to most individuals and they also affects the air where you breathe, but it is necessary to clean the carpet with such cleaners to remove strong germs. So, choose chemical cleaners that will thoroughly rinse the fibres of the carpet, washing away all the dirt and germs. Also make sure that these cleaners have options available that there will be no residue left after washing off.

· Types of Cleaners to Consider: Those who are cleanliness freak might often clean their carpets while others may wash it occasionally. Even if you have a lot of carpets or kids at home then it does require a frequent cleaning. Therefore it is necessary to look for the type of carpet cleaner that will suit your need. Here are some types-

a. Full-sized cleaners: These types of cleaners are less heavy and less bulky that makes it easy to carry. It mostly functions by sponging in a solution of water such as detergents or similar thing like it, then vacuuming all the dirt and water. They are bit costly though.

b. Compact cleaners: For tackling small jobs and removing light stains compact cleaners are idea, they are lighter and easy to use as well. With stain protector it can even remove toughest stains as proven. So these types of cleaners are good to go.

c. Deep Rental cleaners: These cleaners are often available in the nearby stores, home centres, or hardware stores by paying some amount. These cleaners contain separate tanks for storing dirty solution, another tank for dispensing cleaning solution, one attached brush, and a vacuum. They are pretty heavy to move around and consume high power for operating too.

· Other usage considerations: The cleaner is no doubt seem to be a cool option for cleaning your carpets, but there are few things you need to look for in a cleaner. You must first see that it fits your purpose and what exactly you need. There are various types of carpet cleaners and all are designed differently for different purpose. Find out how large your area is and you require a cleaner that’s light weight. Then look for how easy it is to use and you can operate it with much ease. Next, how large the water tank is. If you have small area to clean then not going for large one is good.

These are pretty much everything you need to look for in a carpet cleaner. This content will help you in guiding as what to look for in a carpet cleaner.