Best Carpet Cleaner for Pets : Top 5 in US

Pets add life and fun to the empty surroundings of your home. But then having pets also comes with a lot of unwanted bacteria, dirt, and stains on that good carpet on the floor of your room. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t own a pet at all. Nowadays there are carpet cleaners for pets available in the market for that extra maintenance. Check out here some of the best pet carpet cleaners.

Review of Top 5 Pet Carpet Cleaners in the US:

1. Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe, FH50150

The Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe pet carpet cleaner is one of the best carpet cleaning machines for pets in the market. It is considered to be ranked top most in the list of pet carpet cleaners as it blends perfectly with all the features of a quality pet cleaner.

best carpet cleaner for pets

It is bit gigantic in shape but it is quite light weight that balances it and makes it deserving. Light weight makes it easy to manoeuvre or carrying it upstairs. The best thing about this machine is it might look complicated but it’s absolutely easy to operate.

Another key part is its drying technology cause of its heat forced warm air. So when you clan any stains it will help to dry up quickly. The pin scrubbed brushes helps in better cleaning. It offers two tank systems making it easier to clean. Although this is not a fully pet carpet cleaning machine, it is a combined carpet cleaner. But those who are not willing to pay much and have a carpet cleaner that serves both the purpose of a pet carpet cleaner and normal one, this is good to go. Thus it seems it had a double advantage.

2. BISSELL Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine:

The big green deep cleaning pet carpet cleaner from Bissell, is probably the most powerful carpet cleaning machine out there in the market. Because of its extreme effectiveness in cleaning it is highly popular and appreciated among those who have pets in their house. It is great for cleaning pet vomit, pet toilet, and pet stains.

best carpet cleaner for pets

Since it has a large tank in it, means it is capable of cleaning larger areas at a time without needing you to stop and refill it again and again. The only disadvantage with this machine is it bulk size and price, but if you worth something for a good and powerful cleaning then you got to deal with these two downsides.

This is a costly choice though for carpet cleaning. But if you want something that has unparallel functionality in cleaning then you might need this. The cleaning technology is suitable for owners with dogs, and cats as it totally eliminates stains and smells.

BISSELL Deep Clean Premier Pet Full Sized, 17N4:

This is another cool and good pet carpet shampooer from Bissell that highly focuses on cleaning pet stains. It has great feedback in the market from the users owning pets.

best carpet cleaner for pets

This machine has a basket in it call the “hair basket” to collect all the hairs of the pet’s body. It is also technique with high power deep cleaning, which means it is capable of removing really tough stains from the carpet. Hence, this is a great pet carpet cleaner and is also cheaper than the other pet carpet cleaning produce from Bissell Deluxe ones. Apart from that nothing is so different but then one thing keeps this product a step back from the deluxe.

The fact that Bissell D0eluxe is ahead than this Bissell Deep cleaning Premier machine is, this premier pet cleaner lacks the tools for stain trooper. This means Bissell Deluxe has the toughest pet stains removal capacity. Nonetheless it is still a good and quality pet carpet cleaner and is affordable as well.

4. BISSELL Deep Clean Deluxe Pet, 36Z9:

The deep clean Bissell Deluxe pet cleaner is one of the best and most effective pet carpet cleaning machine. It removes the toughest pet stains and also takes care of bad odours. It includes hair basket that helps in trapping pet hair, which means you don’t need to remove it by yourself in the machine.

best carpet cleaner for pets

The stain trapper vanish any tough stains caused by pets. It has a “cleanshot trigger” technology designed in it that directs the formula to hit straight into the stains making it easier to remove stubborn stains.

This cleaner is specially made keeping in mind about pets and thus has been designed with deep cleaning and powerful suction functionality. It’s bit different from the Bissell deep cleaning one and has smaller tank compared to it. This is solely made for pet carpet cleaner purpose and is comparatively much low in price with lighter weight as well.

5. BISSELL 1548 Pro Heat 2X:

Here’s another one from Bissell called the Bissell Pro Heat 2X Revolution full-sized carpet cleaner for pets. This Bissell pro heat offers some amazing features in it and is a complete cleaner package.

bet carpet cleaner for pets in US

The Bissell Pro Heat has a bundle for permanent pet stain removing, allergen cleansing, and antibacterial cleaning. Its deep cleaning mode cleans out the leading rental. It is light weight that makes it easier to manoeuvre anywhere, under furniture, and elsewhere,

It quick dry easy cleaning process dries up the area real fast so that your pets can get back to floors soon and play around. Its antibacterial cleaning formula controls and removes odour caused by bacteria. Its tank capacity is 1 gallon so no worries for frequent refilling.

It is induced with 1 tough stain tool, 1 pet stain tool, and 8 oz bottle of deep cleaning tool. The power brushes that are dual Dirt Lifter with heat wave technology ensures removing dirt and stains from your carpet. So, overall this is an all rounder pet carpet cleaner.

These pet carpet cleaners come from reputed brand that are specialised in carpet cleaning technology. They are designed for houses that have pets and find it a big deal cleaning their carpets. With these pet carpet cleaners you can now have a fresh environment with your loving pets.